President Trump had a misspelling the other night. He was obviously trying to spell "coverage," but something went haywire. Now, "Covfefe" is part of a lot of jokes and many memes.

We all misspell words, so it didn't seem like this should be a "thing" to me. If you don't like the guy, you can find plenty of reasons to not like him without getting petty. But, even more ridiculous than making fun of an innocent mistake, is those people trying to say it was intentional and that it has meaning. It does not.

Now, once again, since I've already seen it happen once, let me be clear: I said "everyone, including myself makes spelling errors," and I do not take political sides on this word. I am here only to show that you can look through every word in the bible and prove this is NOT a word. It was a misspelling of "coverage," and that is all.

Enjoy the video.

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