Okay, I'm going to say it.

Sometimes, just for a second, maybe even a micro-second, I wish "The Purge" was real. Okay, maybe not "The Purge" but there should be some kind of law to keep this kind of thing from happening. I understand that we're allowed free speech in this country, but there are certain ways you shouldn't be allowed to speak or act around children.

You may remember Amarillo loudmouth David Harold Grisham from the video that went viral of him invading a "pictures with Santa" type event in a mall by shouting that Santa was not real in front of horrified kids and parents.

What's odd is that it's hard to tell whether all of this is calculated or if he is genuinely off his nut. I think his existence in that gray area has kept parents from seriously checking the guy. His latest stunt seems to be of the calculated variety.

Grisham took it upon himself to dress in a Grinch costume and stand in front of an elementary school with a sign that said, "Santa Is Fake Jesus Is Real". First off, I hope someone alerts the VERY litigious people who protect Dr. Suess's properties. Next up, why not promote your religion without breaking little hearts? It all seems so unnecessary to me.

Texas has no shortage of over-the-top preachers who look to promote themselves even above their religious message and this fool is a prime example. There's no room out there for people who ruin Christmas for kids. You cannot tell me that is what Jesus would want or do. I'm just not buying this guy's message. He's not making religion better, he's just making Christmas worse. I hope this guy gets a lump of coal in a rat-infested, partially unraveled, stocking for Christmas.

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