Most of us have a bunch of skills we no longer need.

Sometimes, it hurts to let stuff go, but sometimes you have to realize it's time. For whatever reason, the teaching of cursive writing is coming back to Texas schools. Talk about a huge waste of time. This skill is no longer needed. Not everyone could type, or text, 10 or 20 years ago. We have advanced. We've found a better way to do things. There's no reason for us to hold onto old, outdated ways.

I know how to splice recording tape, use a blackberry and drive a standard gearshift. I don't get real sentimental that I don't have to do those things anymore. Should we require kids to look things up in an encyclopedia when there is a computer close by?

Explain to me what type of cataclysmic event may happen where a need to read cursive is important? Books aren't written in cursive. Cursive was developed to make handwriting quicker. It served its purpose, and now typing out letters is so much faster.

So what do I care? Simple. Kids have to be engaged in school, and, just as many of you said, 'why do I have to learn algebra, I'm never going to use it,' kids will now be saying, 'why do I have to learn cursive?' Because unlike algebra, they're never going to use it.

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