The Mayor of Lubbock has come out against a proposed sound ordinance. This is very good news.

As you may know, Mayor's and others don't always get their way, so it's important that we keep the heat up on this subject. Even though the Mayor says this ordinance is "similar to Austin's" that doesn't make it good or right. Lubbock ain't Austin.

"As it stands right now, I cannot support the current version of the ordinance. We have work to do before we come up with the best solution for Lubbock," Pope said in his Facebook post.

I firmly stand behind everyone's right to a little peace and quiet. This ordinance as it stands isn't about that. It's repressive, and it's no more than one city councilperson's personal vendetta against an existing music venue that has been more than accommodating with sound levels.

If you were planning on attending today's council meeting, please continue to go. If you were passing along the other blog about this ordinance, please continue to do so. If you were contacting the mayor or council, keep doing it. Most of all, thank Mayor Dan Pope for coming out against this sound ordinance as it's currently written.


    Why the Lubbock Sound Ordinance Is Bad for Music & Business

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