Holy smokes! It's about time. Dave and Buster's is coming to Lubbock, Texas. Soon, we'll all be able to grab those delicious drinks, play all of the awesome games and stuff our faces with their incredible food. Hell yes, Lubbock is growing and getting the attention a big city deserves.

According to the requested variance for the Dallas-based company's opening plans in Lubbock, it will be located at 2602 West Loop 289. There will be a public hearing on Thursday, September 16th that is open for anyone that may want to cause a fuss about the new business coming to town. I feel it's highly unlikely that anyone will have anything to say but a collective "yessss!"

Here's what it says about Dave & Buster's on the City of Lubbock Zoning Board of Adjustment agenda:

5.7 Case V-4996: Dave & Buster’s Inc. for West End Sheraton, LLC Request for a variance to vary the required number of parking spaces for a sports grill from 423 spaces to 360 spaces, on property zoned Interstate Highway Commercial District (IHC), per Section 40.03.2852 (a), at: • 2602 West Loop 289, located south of 26th Street and west of West Loop 289, West End Addition, Tract L.

Checking Google Maps, the address listed above would place the prospective location of Dave & Buster's in Lubbock between Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond at the West End Center. There is a large portion of land still open there (see the Google Street View screenshot at the top of the article), so that would make perfect sense.

Here's to the future, boys and girls! Get ready to epic birthday parties, sports events, team building activities and more, because one of the most sought-after chains is finally coming to town.

There are currently only 13 other Dave & Buster's locations in Texas, and the pending Lubbock spot will be lucky number 14. As of the publication of this article, Dave & Buster's have yet to add the potential Lubbock location to its official website.

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