A man recently went viral for a video on social media- but probably not for any reason he would have liked. He was caught on security footage stealing cash from a Lubbock business. In addition to his sticky fingers, it is also clear that he brought children into the crime as well, having them run out of the building behind him after he grabbed the cash.

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Blazing Bouncers, a business that has activities for children such as large bouncy structures, an arcade, and party rooms, shared footage on their Facebook page of the man taking cash off of an office keyboard. It's also really clear footage, so someone will know exactly who this joker is. Also, why did he think it was okay to wander into their office area?

Blazing Bouncers on Facebook
Blazing Bouncers on Facebook

According to the post, he came in with two children, possibly his own.

We are asking for your help identifying this man who decided to take what wasn't his. The real sad part was he used his two young boys as cover. This man doesn't deserve to raise children if he's going to put their safety in such danger. The videos we have clearly show the faces of the 2 boys. As soon as we can figure how to block the boys faces we will share those videos as well. Were offering a reward for information leading to his identification and arrest. Please share. Sad day.

Here's some of the footage that does not include the boy's faces. Blazing Bouncers also posted footage of the three running out of the building together.

According to the Lubbock Avalache-Journal, the Lubbock Sheiff's Department is investigating this crime. Anyone with any information about this man should call the Lubbock Sheiriff's office at 806-775-1406 or 806-775-1494. The crime occurred April 3rd at about 6:20 p.m.

I am particularly disturbed that he committed this crime while responsible for the care and supervision of two children. It's my hope that they didn't know why they had to run out of the building. I'd hate to think he coerced or scared them, or is even encouraging them to behave the same way.

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