I guess there's no way I can convince anyone that I don't have ulterior motives here, so I'm just going to plow ahead.

There was an Italian restaurant across from our radio station until yesterday. Like many other Lubbock eateries, Campisi's opened with a flash, then things mellowed out. I never heard a bad word about the place. The problem is that I never heard a word about the place after it opened.

Now, I'm making the bold assumption that they closed due to a lack of business because I don't know any better. I will tell you that every single day I looked out my window at their sign and I never once thought, 'man, I need to get over there.'

In a crowded market like Lubbock, you have to advertise. I know they had pizza, but that's all I know. I never heard why I should get one of their pizzas, or what made them better than anyone else. I never heard of something I could only get at that place or even what it was like inside.

Some folks are lucky, and others just don't get it. I'm not saying that we in radio are the be-all and end-all, but choose some way to get the word out or you're going to get stomped in a town that has two dozen restaurants open every time you sneeze. Even the places in Lubbock with the biggest word of mouth know they need to get new items out there, new offers, or just try to reach new clientele.

I don't know why I feel bad that this particular place didn't make it in town. Maybe it's because I do see that sign every morning. I hope the next owners realize that it's a brawl in Lubbock and you have to stay top of the mind if you want to stay in business.

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