This was a really dumb week in the world.

Can you read one in a car?

Can you read one in a bar?

Can you read one with your mum?

Can you read or are you dumb?

Are you dumber than a tree?

Are you dumber than poor me?

Are you dumb and wear no mask?

You might be a real dumbass.

Thank you in advance for loving my Dr. Seussian-type poem. Of all the dumbass weeks in the good ol' USA, this had to be near the top. Dr. Seuss was never canceled. People saying something is canceled is nonsense. Nothing is ever truly canceled; sometimes a large group of people just tap out.

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Let's go all caps and make this clear: THE ESTATE OF DR. SEUSS PULLED A FEW OF HIS BOOKS. Of the six that were yanked, the only one you ever heard of was, If I Ran the Zoo.

All the books you read as a kid are still there. All the books you can name are still there. No one is taking them away from you, and, to be quite honest, were you really in the market for Dr. Seuss' books right now anyway? No, people just love to whine about what they think they can't have, even if they don't really want it.

Once again, no band of crazy power-mad liberals went out and said, "NO ONE CAN READ DR. SEUSS!" That just didn't happen. Dr. Seuss's own people said, 'maybe there's some stuff here that we shouldn't publish anymore.' For heck's sake, "The Cat in the Hat" was published 66 years ago in 1955. It was time for them to focus on the less popular titles.

So save the outrage for something that matters. You can't convince me that the people who are mad are readers, anyways.

So don’t be so very mad

Try to be happy, and not sad

Read Dr. Seuss all day long

And don’t be such a BIG ding-dong.


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