Do you love German food as much as I do? I was recently made aware that there is a place where can find a ton of your favorite German meals like sausage, schnitzel, German potato salad, and red cabbage, and it's only a few miles away from Lubbock.

TEXAS 1809, located at 154 South 8th Street in Slaton, offers lots of different German options that look absolutely delicious. This may come as no surprise to you, but I've only been back in Lubbock for a few years this time around, and I had no idea I only had to drive up the road to get find some tasty Deutsch grub. I've heard people talk about how yummy their steaks are, but I didn't have a clue there was German food, too.

Restaurant patron, Heather Dopson, recently posted about her experience at TEXAS 1809 on the popular LBK Foodies Facebook page, and my mouth was immediately watering. I usually make my dad schnitzel a few times a year on special occasions and now I can't wait to take him there to eat.

Heather wrote:

"Get out and support local! Take the short drive to Slaton and hit TEXAS 1809, you won't be disappointed. We went today for a late lunch and were the only ones there. Our server, Keegan, was fantastic and the food was over-the-top delicious. We shared a German pretzel with beer cheese. He had schnitzel with German red cabbage and German-style potato salad. I had Jägerschnitzel with mashed potatoes and creamed corn. We shared a link of their 1809 sausage. We were both starving and ate almost every bite. We still got peach cobbler and banana pudding to eat later at home. This place has been on my list to try for a while and I'm kicking myself we didn't go sooner. Don't let this place die! I'm looking forward to returning and trying more apps and their steaks!"

Take a peek below to see just how scrumptious this food looks:

TEXAS 1809 German food looks delish

It all looks fabulous to me, and if you happen to see me there, kindly ignore how much food I am cramming in my face. I've got to make up for the lost time.

If German food isn't your style, they also specialize in steaks and other favorites. It looks like they pretty much have something for everyone. It's definitely time to take a trip to Slaton.

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