OK, granted it's not the KFMX we know today, nor was it the KFMX that's in Lubbock.

In the late 1970s when 94.5 was KLBK-FM, Minneapolis had Disco 104 KFMX FM.Of course, they played all of your favorite disco hits.

Credit: Trax and Grooves
Credit: Trax and Grooves


This was an interview that Disco 104 KFMX did with the Village People in fall of 1978.

But we all know what happened to disco, yup, it died a horrible death, and what the folks in Minneapolis didn't know was that a rock revolution was about to begin in Lubbock, Texas

In February of 1980, Disco 104 gave up and dropped the now famous FMX call letters and history would be made less than a year later on January 18, 1981.

And even though I am a top 40 DJ I still respect the work that great folks like Wes Nessman, Michael X-Ray and Mike Driver have done.

But seriously? Disco?


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