If I said, "up all night" and you replied "sleep all day," then you know who you're talking about.

Former night jock and now Denver shop owner Crow brought this back on my radar. Did you know that the band Slaughter played their first-ever live show in Lubbock? The date was May 4th, 1990, and the band opened for Faster Pussycat and KISS. It was a special day for Slaughter not just because only roadies had seen them prior to this date, but they were also given gold records by the record company when they came off the stage.

Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum had just broken away from the Vinnie Vincent Invasion (another KISS connection) when they put together the record that catapulted them up the charts and onto the stage in Lubbock, Texas. Later, the band added Tim Kelly and drummer Blas Elias.

Unfortunately for me, 1990 was one of the few years I was not with 94.5 FMX. I was in Spokane, Washington at the time. I did, however, get to hang out with the guys a little bit later at some gig in Lubbock that took place in an airport hanger. For the life of me, that's all I can remember about it.

It's crazy to me that for a town that really doesn't get that many concerts we've had so many special things like this happen. For instance, the band Halestorm kicked off their first official tour in Lubbock as well. They were booked to support Shinedown, Seether and Flyleaf, and we had other bands on the local date.

By the way, if you said "cool" when I mentioned Slaughter got their start here in Lubbock, don't miss the House of Hair with Dee Snider every Sunday morning from 7 to 10 a.m.

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