I am overjoyed that this is happening.

A lot of you had to make a tough choice last year. Dirty Honey and Bad Wolves played on back-to-back nights. For budget, time, or other reasons most folks could only attend one or the other. Meanwhile, Bad Wolves blew apart while Dirty Honey continues to blow up.

Dirty Honey is by all accounts like seeing Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin in a club during their heydays. Every guy in the band is an absolute master of what they do and they keep getting better and better. You know "When I'm Gone," and you are currently rockin' to "California Dreamin,'" the lead-off track from their new album. These guys are straight-up old-school whup-ass!

So I love the fact that while most bands are going to sit out 2021, it's actually going to benefit us. When everybody goes out in 2022, they'll probably all flock to the major festivals and leave Lubbock in the dust. Those bands who have the itch now are going to come to see us. If all goes well, we'll have new faces, old faces, and some right in between. We should have a pretty good mix of genres, too.

Now, back to Dirty Honey. Can I mention something odd? I love the looks of a band that has a lefty and a righty in it. It just has this majestic type of presentation about it. Heck, these guys rock so much, I've embedded a full lockdown show below for you to check out. I'm that confident that you'll love this free taste so much that you'll come out for the real thing.

Are you ready for the kick in the arse? This show is on a Saturday night, so no excuses. Catch Dirty Honey June 5th at Jake's Backroom. Tickets go on sale this Friday at Ralph's Records and at dinproductions.com.

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