I always wondered why Lubbock was lacking competitive eating challenges. Now that we have some new places, we also have some new opportunities to display your gastrointestinal prowess. I recently saw three brave men take on a nuclear hot wings challenge, and later this week I'll get to see some brave souls try to conquer not heat, but amount.

Think you have what it takes? You could win $100, along with other prizes!

Westside Pizza is hosting a bout of their "Death By Pizza" challenge this Friday (August 18th) at 7:30 p.m. If you've got the guts, be sure to register at Westside Pizza before this Thursday at 10:00 p.m. So what does this challenge entail exactly?


If you are up to the task, you will be presented with a massive, fully-loaded 18-inch pizza topped with five meats (pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, beef, and bacon) and a number of veggies (pineapple, mushrooms, black olives, onions, and green peppers). The challenge is to finish the entire pizza—including all of the toppings—on your own, in under one hour.

Additionally, you are required to keep all the food down (no yakking), you cannot leave your seat after you start, and you can't make any topping substitutions. Participants must be 18+ to take on the challenge. But if you win, you get your picture on the wall of fame! That's a lifetime of bragging rights.

If you haven't tried Westside Pizza yet, I can assure you it is very delicious. If I was forced to eat that much of anything, a Westside pizza would probably be the most pleasant choice. I'm excited to see who amongst us can tackle and win this challenge Friday night!

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