KidZania, in Frisco, Texas, is a mini-city made just for kids! It's first of it's kind in the United States and children are invited to spend the day running a miniature town, driving tiny cars, and even earning fake dollars for tasks performed in KidZania. They even have their own language in KidZania. Sounds fun!

The tiny fake city is located on the second level of the Stonebriar Centre, right between Dillard's and NordstromsI came across a video KidZania on TikTok this morning and it really looks like a blast. I can't wait to take my nephews there.

Check out the video below for a little taste of what KidZania is like:

Children are allowed to explore 80,000 square foot town independently to help them build life skills and learn about the innerworkings of real city. KidZania has fake banks, a TV station, a flight academy, a hospital, an optometrist, a university, a theater, and even a fire station.



Kids can find a "job" by attending the KidZania University, or by going to a little employment office. They are rewarded with fake dollars for their tasks and then are able to redeem them at different places like the nail salon, or even a rock climbing wall. They also have merchandise in the store that they can buy with their earnings. Very neat.

It's advertised for children ages 4 to 14, and it just might be something your kids would enjoy the next time you're in the area.

If you happen to have visited KidZania recently, I'd love to see more photos of what is has to offer! You can email me at!

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