Straight Outta Compton and Straight Outta Lubbock.

Compton is notorious for many reasons, most of which were spelled out in rap songs. Gangs, murder, street life, poverty and more were the order of the day (it's actually started to get a makeover, but that's jumping ahead). You don't even have to know that  N.W.A. was "Straight Outta Compton". I'm just painting a picture of what was, so you can compare that to Lubbock.

So what does Compton have in common with the dusty, flat, mostly country folk of Lubbock Texas? Both are known as "The Hub City". Yeppers, Compton is in the center of Los Angeles and Lubbock is in the center of the Texas panhandle so both took on the moniker, "The Hub City".

You wanna know what else the two have in common? Me. I was born in Compton and now live in Lubbock. Here's from one Hub City to another.

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