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My earliest memory of the once loved and never forgotten movie theater Cinema West was watching the popular 1997 film Titanic, sandwiched between my mother and my uncle.

The movie was great until it got to the steamy romance scene, and I felt the awkward sting of being trapped between my family members. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable moment that took place in that old-school theater.

Lubbock Theatres opened the brand new, 652-seat, Cinema West in 1967, the same year films such as Cool Hand LukeThe Jungle Book, and Bonnie and Clyde first made their debut.


I called up my folks to ask them about the old theater and very quickly realized it was a place that many people in Lubbock still have fond memories of, and perhaps a topic that should be revisited. I’ve asked several friends, coworkers and family members to share some of their favorite memories in the theater, and they did not disappoint.

My boyfriend revealed to me he actually saw his first pair of boobs on screen at Cinema West, when he went to see Varsity Blues for what would be his first of many viewings. 94.5 FMX The RockShow host Wes Nessman reminisced briefly about going to see the opening night of E.T.

Several friends shared their experience going out to the wild showings of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, dressed up and ready to participate in all of the sing-along fun. As I write this, I'm reminded of begging my grandmother to take me to see Men in Black there. She was not impressed, but she sure didn’t let on to it. She actually took me to see it for a second time.

Sometimes it's nice to stop for a second and remember the businesses that paved the way for those we know and love today. Cinema West was not only a great source of entertainment in our once rather small town, but likely responsible for several of our parents and grandparents first dates, first kisses, and first boob shot.

94.5 FMX wants to know what you remember about Cinema West. Please drop a comment below or submit it via our app and tell us your story.

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