I took a trip to the mountains for Valentine's Day with my boyfriend and some buddies and everything was going great until the weather left us stranded in a cabin on the mountainside -- without booze.

As much as I love the people I brought along on my trip, I was not prepared to be stranded with them for an extra two days. We were down to taquitos, corn dogs and random junk food when I noticed our beer supply was very low and there was only one shot of whiskey left in the bottle.

Not good.

Lubbock stand-up comedian JJ Howell is hilarious, he really is, but I needed much more alcohol to deal with his tomfoolery.

I remembered that there are several different services available for beer and liquor delivery, and I thought I would remind you lovely people that if you are stuck with your kiddos all day and need a mommy cocktail, you can still order all of your favorites right to your door using Drizly.

Unfortunately, they could not deliver beer to me up the side of an icy mountain in New Mexico, but they are available to deliver in Lubbock.

Drizly is an excellent service that not only keeps drunk people from getting behind the wheel to go buy more alcohol, but it's also exceptionally awesome that it's available to make this crazy polar vortex suck a little bit less.

Before you get in your car and brave the roads, take a peek at the options online for delivery, and avoid the slippery streets. Drizly will also deliver your goods in 60 minutes or less to help you keep the party going with your cat and your true crime documentaries.

So order online and stay home, boys and girls!

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