Ok folks here we are with a weekend edition of gas updates.

For today at least gas, prices.around town seem to be dropping.

I have seen a couple of stations around town as low as $3.46; as of 3:30 this afternoon the stations at 19th and Ave. X, and the station at Ave Q and Marshal Sharp Fwy were both the lowest.

The station at West Loop and Marshal Sharp was at $3.48 (only thing is you have to be a member to get that price.

I also saw several stations all over town at $3.51.

Riddle me this someone, how is it a barrel of oil has gone up while the price of gas has gone down? Don't get me wrong I'm NOT complaining, I'm just saying......


Todayduring my morning travels I noticed gas had gone down a penny at several stations. Today's lowest prices can be found at the stations at South Loop and Quaker and this establishments sister station on Ave.Q and the Marshal Sharp Fwy.

Both these stations were at $3.54 a gallon around 12:30 today.

As for the highest place I saw, its still a station on the corner of 82nd and Indian, today on my drive into work they were at $3.61 a gallon; but hey that is 4 cents cheaper than they were yesterday.

Take it easy out there today guys!

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