This is truly horrific.

31-year-old Texas man, Nester Lujuan Flores, was arrested last Saturday and has a pending charge for intoxication manslaughter after hitting a pedestrian and then continuing to drive his vehicle 38 miles to a parking lot before stopping and falling asleep.

Police responded to a call from a Jack in the Box in Tarrant County, where a man was noticed parked and asleep in a visibly damaged Kia Forte out in the parking lot. Upon arrival, they found a deceased person in the front seat that was missing clothing and body parts. The vehicle was allegedly parked in the fast-food parking lot for roughly 2 hours before the call was placed to authorities to investigate.

Flores told police that he thought he hit a deer. 

The Dallas County Sheriff's Office believes the crash on a service road on Interstate 30, where human remains were located could potentially be a match to the person found in the vehicle.

It's so very important not to drink and drive. If you're going to holiday parties over the next few weeks, please call an Uber or plan for a safe and sober ride home. This could happen to anyone. Be safe out there. Don't give anyone the horrible gift of burying a loved one, or even yourself, this Christmas season. Think before you get behind the wheel.

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