Plain Jane's Fried Pies has become one of the most delicious staples in Lubbock and residents were incredibly sad when they announced that they would be closing their doors to the public. If you were devastated to hear that news, grab a tissue and dry those tears because they just announced that they have sold their business and that it will remain open.

It is clear just how excited their customers are to see that they will continue serving up those yummy pies! Here are a few of the supportive comments below their post:

"And thank you for always providing me & my family pies for our holidays. My parents owned a small restaurant when I was growing up, & it takes grit, persistence, and creativity. You had all 3! Good luck on your next chapter."

"Going to miss both Melissa and Bob. Such great people. Glad your vision and dream is going to continue to serve Lubbock. You have put your stamp on our community!

"Awesome. Thank you for serving the community with yummy pies. Enjoy your new chapter of life."

Please continue to support local businesses here in town, and give all of your love to the new owners of Plain Jane's Fried Pies! Let's make sure we keep that establishment rocking and rolling for as long as we can. Also, if you've never been, I highly recommend the Apricot Fried Pie. It is absolutely to die for. Heaven on earth! The Strawberry Cream Fried Pie is epic as well. Enjoy!

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