Elotés Restaurant is opening soon in Wolfforth, Texas. After one look at their Facebook page, I can tell that I will likely be one of their best customers.

This up-and-coming family-owned restaurant boasts beautiful gourmet tacos, a wide variety of roasted corn, and thirst-quenching agua frescas. I know I'm speaking for most of Lubbock when I say that this city can never get enough authentic Mexican food, no matter how many wonderful locally owned spots we have. There is always a need for more.

If you're looking for a job, Elote's Restaurant is hiring for call positions including cashier, servers, kitchen help, cooks, and prep cooks. I know there are plenty of people out there that have lost work this last year due to the unforeseen circumstances during this pandemic. Perhaps some of you can pick up some extra hours while helping a new restaurant to grow and flourish.

I wish I could apply to come to work there part-time, but this radio gig has me doing all kinds of weird stuff at weird hours. I've been missing the kitchen life. Maybe I could talk them into letting me come into one day just flip a few things, chops some veggies, and boss someone around. I'm cheap. I'll do most things for Eloté.

Elotés Restaurant is hoping to open in February at 602 Donald Preston Drive, Suite #104 in Wolfforth. You can also follow them here on Facebook for more updates on their debut.

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