Why should we support cannabis decrimalization in Lubbock?

In short, it is the humane and just thing to do*. We are a state built on individualism and liberty; when are we going to start acting like it? Well, when grassroots and local efforts succeed.

A local Lubbock organization, Freedom Act Lubbock, is fighting for the decriminalization of cannabis procession, specifically under 4 ounces. This would mean anyone who isn't a dealer would not be arrested for having their personal stash on them.

Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash
Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

*Why is this the humane thing to do? 

Because cannabis has been proven time and time again to be an effective medication for a wide array of ailments- from PTSD to nausea, from insomnia to pain control. And even as an illegal substance, it's usually more effective, affordable, and less habit-forming than other legal or illegal medications.

*Why is this the just thing to do? 


It is unjust to publicly shame (mugshots) and potentially ruin the future of people who are using cannabis when it poses little to no ill-effect on society, certainly not nearly as much as perfectly legal alcohol and cigarettes. It is legal in 23 states, including New Mexico, making the legality of cannabis the difference of less than 2 hours of travel time from Lubbock. It's absolutely ridiculous anyone is getting arrested for this in 2023.

How can we act? 

This part is easy and I'll let Freedom Act Lubbock explain:

We need to collect 7,500 signatures from folks who are registered to vote in Lubbock, TX inside of a 60 day window. That's ~125 signatures per day!
We will kick off the petition window in mid-August. If you are interested in signing the petition, please go to our website now and enter your name and contact information so that we can contact you when it is time to sign the petition.

Signing up to receive notifications is easy, I just did and it took about 5 seconds.

Imagine, Lubbock leading West Texas in freedom, humanity, and justice. 

We can do it, but we must act together.

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