Okay, it's a joke/not a joke that someone stole a very expensive prop from Nightmare On 19th Street.

It sucks that someone will probably take the prop, hang it in a living room until they're tired of it, then throw it away. It's actually a pretty expensive item and we'd really like to have it back. If it hasn't been torn up, we're good for a couple of hundred bucks in reward/ransom.

The prop was a woman in pink underwear, hung by her hands and it looks like she froze to death. (Yes, that stuff on her was supposed to look like frost. Just exactly what were you thinking it was?)

I reported the theft online to the Lubbock Police Department because I really don't want them to waste any time on it. I just want it back if they stumble across it.

I was completely, totally unaware that the theft was trending on Operation Crime Watch and that everyone was talking about it. This led to a call from a reporter with the local TV station. We had a lot of fun telling the story and it was broadcast on several newscasts.

Anyway, EverythingLubbock.com did a hilarious report on the missing prop and reporter Laura Laughead really let me mug it up. I hope the thieves can see that we have the ability to laugh this off and we'll be nice if our prop makes its way back home.

Imma have to ask you to ignore my handsomeness and TV appeal and focus on the missing prop in the report, we'd really like her back. You can message me here

Disclosure: Wes Nessman is co-owner of Nightmare On 19th Street.

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