Gender reveals have become increasingly bizarre and dangerous over the last few years. The most recent one included 80 pounds of explosives. Wtf.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure its incredibly exciting to tell everyone what sex your baby is, but don't forget that the rest of us are just trying to get through the day without dying. And to be quite honest, we don't care much at all that you are having a baby in the first place.

Super cool. You made a person. Good for you.

Instead of a simple bite out of a cupcake to show blue or pink or maybe popping a balloon, it's become necessary for people to go all out with these ridiculous stunts.

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Some couples have burned down thousands of acres of land and actually killed people with these stupid gender-reveal antics. It's pretty mind-blowing to see just how selfish and stupid someone can be, especially when you know they are creating a new person.

That's even scarier to me. These idiots are reproducing.

Can you imagine announcing your baby's gender and then killing 25 people? That's insane! What a burden to carry knowing that your parents killed dozens of people by accident just to announce your gender.

It's amazing that we are still hearing about gender reveals gone wrong at all. Haven't we seen enough? What's the difference between you building a pipe bomb at home and accidentally killing someone, and you building one and killing people on purpose? You still built the bomb. It's a bomb! You are a dumbass. Ugh.

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