Joe Rogan shared a YouTube video on Reddit this morning by CNBC speculating that Texas is in fact becoming the new California. Regardless of your level of excitement, it's happening.

Not only is Hewlett Packard moving to Houston, but Tesla is constructing a massive new plant in Austin. Oracle has moved its headquarters to Texas, and Apple is building its second-largest headquarters right here in the Lone Star State.

Real estate brokerage CBRE has also moved its headquarters to Dallas, and even Charles Schwab has moved down to Denton.

Who's next?

It looks like some huge industry is moving down here, and there's hope that these big companies will bring big jobs and big money. Everything is bigger in Texas, so hopefully, our wallets get bigger, too. Most of us wouldn't mind struggling a bit harder to get them into our pocket.

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There are plenty of people from Texas that will whine about the influx of people and neglect to remember how big our state truly is. We have room. Tons of room. Miles of it. I know this because I've spent my whole life driving down empty and desolate highways, staring at nothing but dirt for miles. Not to mention the ghost towns with hardly any inhabitants.

I used to feel bad for my friends in cramped apartments in big cities because I've always felt like you could really breathe in Texas. We all have a yard and space here. We have so much space. Too much space to hoard to ourselves. Don't be so greedy, guys.

Red rover, red rover, let California come over.

I would be thrilled if Texas became the trendy place everyone wanted to be. I've asked different friends from northern states to come down and visit me over the years. Sometimes they do, but most of the time they refuse. Texas seems to have left a bad taste in their mouth, likely due to the tumultuous political barf going on here that they always seem to catch on the news.

Nobody ever hears about the good stuff happening here. I mean...I'm awesome. I would love for all of the cool kids to move here and tell the rest of the world what it's really like.

We have much more to offer in Texas than just whiney old men in office trying to control people with an old book about the man that lives in the sky. Perhaps some influence from the outside could finally set that $#*t straight.

What do you think about people moving to Texas? Leave me a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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