People drive me crazy. I guess we should stop trying to help those people who don't want to be helped, but sometimes their actions affect completely innocent people.

It is ultimately frustrating that many who read this will offer up some nonsensical garbage or coincidental incident as evidence that science is wrong. Sorry, I'll trust the scientists and health professionals over people who use faulty logic to justify their position.

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    The Flu Shot Works

    The first thing you need to know is that the flu should really be called "the flues". There are many strains of the flu and it is always mutating. Some years the flu shot is a better match than others. It is very much like aiming at a moving target. Fortunately for us, scientists do a pretty good job at identifying the strains most likely to appear. Some years it's as low as 10% effective, most years the numbers are between 40% and 50%.

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    The Shot Is Not Dangerous

    It is amazing the crap people put into their bodies each and every day then use the chemicals in vaccinations as an excuse to not get one. Let's just take one chemical that people love to throw out there: formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is used to kill the flu vaccine in such a microscopic amount, that its estimated it would take 10,000,000, that's ten million doses, in one day,  to kill you.  The other stuff is even less harmful, but if you want to read up on that, information can be found here.

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    The Shot Isn't "Just To Make Money"

    People's logic baffles me. Which is more expensive, a $15 flu shot, or all the medicine, vitamins, doctor appointments and possible hospital stay from having the flu. The idea that the flu shot is just "a hustle" has to be one of the most patently ignorant things that I've ever heard in my life.

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    You Cannot Get The Flu From The Flu Shot

    The flu shot is a dead virus. Dead. It does not become living. It is not a zombie virus. You are surrounded by dead viruses every day and you don't get them either. Some flu shots are made strictly of chemicals and don't even contain the dead flu virus.  So, how would you get the flu from that? Also, it takes about two weeks for the shot to take full effect, so if you got a shot on Monday and got the flu on Friday, you already had the flu before you got the shot.

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    Herd Immunity Is A Thing

    As I mentioned in my opening, who really cares if you get the flu? Maybe it's best you get it a couple times so that you'll come to your senses. Then again, when you get it, you increase the chances of other people getting it, especially those who can't be vaccinated due to egg allergies or weakened immune systems (like some special needs folks). It would be fine by me if life would teach you a lesson, but other folks shouldn't have to suffer for it.

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    Don't Accept Coincidence As Evidence

    There is probably somebody right now who can't wait to type "I've never had the flu shot and I've never had the flu". So what? I've never gone bow-fishing so I've never owned a toy factory. One thing is not proof of the other. I had the flu every year until I started getting the flu shot and I've been flu free for decades, still, since I wasn't in a clinical setting, so it is not proof of anything. The real proof is in the lab results and they have proven that the flu shot saves lives.

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    The Flu Can And Does Kill

    Numbers vary on this one. The average is said to be around 36,000 people a year, but it varies from as low as around 3,000 to over 48,000 people a year. It just seems silly that people die from something that is preventable, or can have it's effects lessened with a simple shot.

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