About a week ago, my honey talked me into a South Plains Mall adventure with the promise of a coconut milk latte from the Barnes & Noble Starbucks. I don't know why they are better from that particular location, but they are. We were also on a mission: to find him the perfect Rangers hat. It ended up being a bit of a challenge.

There had already been a tremendous run on Rangers gear as they headed off to the World Series. Local places have to guess in advance what the demand for certain teams will be, and most places in Lubbock underestimated how much Rangers stuff they should stock. Luckily for my honey last week, we found the perfect hat for him at Lids in the mall. He has proper "baseball" hair so he needed one to accommodate his flowing locks.

I had to laugh at the person on Reddit who was furious a local place was out of Rangers gear today. They just won the World Series! So whose fault is it that we don't have enough gear to meet our demand? Is it Lubbock for being fair-weather fans? 

World Series - Texas Rangers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Three
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Well, yes. But it's not a bad thing. I think it's fun and exciting that folks who are not rabid baseball fans are still getting swept up in the excitement and pride of the Rangers winning the World Series for the first time. Like many, I'm not a huge baseball fan (basketball is more exciting, IMO) but the only team I've ever been in the stands for is the Rangers (they had excellent garlic fries in their stadium). So it's thrilling to see my team, our team win, especially when we didn't expect that to happen a year ago.

So I say, go for it! Be excited, and buy the hat. You just might need to exercise a little patience as our local stores stock more Rangers merch. I promise it's on the way.

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