I am loving this new lawsuit. Junior Mints are being sued because their boxes were about
"40% air".


Wallyb, Flickr
Wallyb, Flickr

A new lawsuit is taking aim at what the snack industry calls, "functional slack-fill" (what a load of horse-dung right there). The suit basically claims that any reasonable person would expect a box of stuff to have enough stuff to fill the box.

A friend and I were just discussing this over the weekend. For the love of everything that is good and holy, charge me more if you have to, but don't give me less. Who else has opened a big bag of chips and felt that it was about 90% air with five chips on the bottom? JUST CHARGE ME MORE IF YOU HAVE TO.  With smart vending machines they can price snacks or treats at whatever price they want, but if I decide I want a box of candy, I want a box of candy, not half a box of candy that looks like a box of candy.

Vending machines aren't the only problem. We've seen this in boxes of candy behind the glass at the theater and boxes of cereal on the shelf. This kind of manufacturing/marketing is deceptive and it's time to change.  I do very much understand "standard packaging sizes", but if you can't fill a big box, maybe you should only have small expensive boxes. I certainly hope this lawsuit puts packaged food makers on notice.

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