If you haven't heard, Lubbock is getting a Five Below, and I can hardly wait.

The store was rumored to open last month, but the sign on the West End Center location now says March 5th, 2021. It was likely pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now we can all buy so many useless things we didn't realize we needed, for the low, low price of fewer than five bucks. Five Below is one of my absolute favorite stores and I'm really excited to waste an afternoon in there buying tons of little weird things I don't actually need. But...shiny.

The last time I went to Five Below, I got several weird t-shirts, a pair of headphones, and a cell phone case for an insanely cheap amount. It wasn't the greatest quality, but whatever, man -- it was a steal of a deal.

They have tons of adorable, sparkly, fun things in that store. If you lack self-control, you ought to stay far away. That's how they trick you. They get you in there thinking you are going to save so much money, but then you end up forking over $100 dollars on gifts for everyone in your office.

It's a bummer they won't be open in time for the holidays because Five Below stores have a huge selection of toys and Christmas decor. The website shows video games, beauty and bath gift sets, stuffed animals, and a ton of last-minute stocking stuffers. They also have different home furnishings, kind of like the stuff you find on the shelves in Ross. Nothing super fancy, but several things that would do in a pinch.

Get excited, Lubbock. We are slowly but surely joining the rest of the world in the 21st century. Baby steps, guys...baby steps.

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