The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. Five Below has finally opened their doors to the residents of Lubbock, Texas at the West End Center off of West Loop 289.

I could not be more excited to waste my money in there for hours. I'm planning to drive straight there after work to pick out a ton of awesome, cheap, fun stuff. They're one of my favorite stores in the entire world and I was so sad to lose them when I moved away from Austin years ago. I can get absolutely lost in there.

It's rad that they made their way to Lubbock. It seems like each year we get a little bit closer to the rest of the modern world, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

The first time I visited Five Below, I dropped $100, then didn't stop. I left with several phone cases, make-up, weird t-shirts, headphones, little toys for my desk, snacks, and a ton of other crap I didn't need. Hey, you only live once. It was worth it.

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So grab up the kiddos, pile in the car, and prepare yourself for the shopping trip of a lifetime. You may think you are only going to splurge an extra 50 bucks there, but I got news for you--it will be much more.

And honestly guys, nobody is paying me to tell you how sweet that store is. I just frackin' love that place and you will, too. Put on a mask and go check it out.

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