How ridiculous were the MTV Video Music Awards? Let us count the ways.

  1. MTV doesn't play music videos. We should stop right there. Why don't we have the Whataburger movie awards? Um, maybe because Whataburger doesn't make movies. 
  2. John Mayer won the "Rock Video of the Year" award. I'm not going to slam this guy because I respect him as a musician, but even being nominated in this category seems wrong. By the way, MTV doesn't even televise that award. Maybe because they don't know what the hell they are talking about? Also, of the six rock songs nominated, I've only heard one of them. Where do they pick these songs from? 
  3. Madonna showed up to show her 63-year-old ass. Just why? Are we trying to prove Madonna’s relevant? Are we trying to prove that 63-year-olds with personal trainers, plastic surgeons and all the money in the world can still have an attractive ass? Are we trying to shock people in 2021 the same way we did in the 80s? 
  4. The artist Doja Cat appeared in multiple costumes that made her look like a bug, a chicken, and one in which she had an actual chair on her head. I’m not sure what her point is, but if you need attention that bad, you should probably see a therapist.
  5. Probably the highlight of the night was Megan Fox's see-through dress. Megan Fox is not a musician. It was hot, hot, hot, but kind of unnecessary. For the record, all you need is the GIF below

Megan Fox pink bra boob bounce

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