Is it wrong that I still get excited when new FMX t-shirts arrive?

I have a friend that's a tattoo artist and he once told me that designs "look different in the skin." It's an incredible realization to have and a lesson to learn. You can take that lesson and apply it to printing as well.

Advanced Graphix sends us these awesome mockups of how the shirts look, and I know they're always going to look even better in real life.

So we needed to get stocked up to have cool tees to give away on location, and we wanted to have some for the FMX Birthday Bashes as well. For the first shirt, I thought it would be fun to give it just a tiny bit of a local college red and black vibe. Advanced Graphix didn't even flinch at the concept and put together a shirt that really pops. (On this topic as well, I think it's pretty cool that FMX and Texas Tech University get merched up from the same place.)

Next up was the FMX Birthday Bash shirt. First of all, we had the problem of having two FMX Birthday Bashes and we thought two designs was just too much. We decided that it would be more awesome if the shirt itself saluted the fact that so many of you will go to both shows. We basically threw the "Twice Is Nice" concept at Advanced Graphix and said "go make us something cool." And they did.

So there's the backstory. We'll have these red and black t-shirts on location for a minute, but almost all of the FMX Birthday Bash shirts will be given away at those two concerts. As one of our best listeners, I certainly hope you score one or both.

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