Just when you think the nuts have gone back to their sack...

I never noticed there was a place to review 94.5 FMX on Facebook. I kind of don't care, because as any of you in business know petty people with some kind of personal beef are far more likely to downgrade you than satisfied people are to upgrade you. Also, just like I said about Google reviews, I don't know anyone who chooses a radio station based on their reviews. You turn it on and it sounds like something you like, or you don't.

The reviews also mean less than nothing when they're submitted by people who don't even live here. We've turned the feature off, at least until these people go away.

This brings us to the weirdos that recently visited Lubbock for a protest. Last time I chose my words carefully (okay, maybe not that carefully, but more carefully than I will now) and I didn't even take an issue with their stand. I just said that we don't need carpetbaggers (out of towners) coming to Lubbock and telling us what to do.

I guess to these folks, running around in bloody pants is a great family activity for everyone's kids to see as they're driving home. Personally, I find their behavior disgusting and in poor taste.

Please also note that when they can't make their point, they'll strike out any way they can. Notice below how their "leader," who wasn't happy making his point about circumcision, accused the radio station of being "hateful towards trans and victims of violent r4pe."

I'm not really sure where they got this info, but what a way to not get your point across. Anyone who knows 94.5 FMX or me personally (Wes Nessman) knows that we have been supportive of our gay and trans community to the point of alienating some of our less tolerant listeners. I guess they equate "violent r4pe" with circumcision? I'm not sure where the sexist thing even comes from. In short, if these folks ever had a valid point, they've lost it in their attempt to libel us.


I'll wrap up with this statement: your child is your choice, and you don't need these a-holes to tell you what to do.

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