I still can't get over the wacky/not wacky protest we had in Lubbock the other day.

Lubbock was greeted the other day by men in white pants with bloody crotches protesting circumcision. These men carried signs pissed off that wieners were being whacked and that they may or may not have been victims.

Seriously, we're all sitting here wondering if we'll be fighting Russians next week and these a-holes are yelling at cars about baby's wieners? Just go away. Go back to your hole. Worry about your own business and we'll worry about yours. We don't care what your opinion is. I'm 100 percent sure that Lubbock parents know what's best for their children or at least what they want for them.

I hate carpetbaggers and I don't care what side of the political fence they're on or what issue they're up in arms about. I don't like outside agitators of any type at any time. I'm frequently running against the grain of what is happening in the Hub City and I still don't want any outside help.

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It's my opinion that the men with bloody crotches need to be kicked in the balls a few times. Having that kind of thing on the streets leads to too many questions from little ones. Those questions might also lead to feelings of guilt because they are different than other kids. I also think that law enforcement officials should check the hard drives on these guys' computers because they spend way too much time thinking about baby wieners.

I encourage all of you to keep from engaging in these outsiders even if you agree with them. It's a deal with the devil to allow someone from outside your community to come in and tell you how to live.

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