The RockShow asked 94.5 KFMX fans to give Lubbock some advice in just four words, with the possibility of their answers being featured on the show this morning.

We had so many responses on-air and on our Facebook page that if we didn't get to yours on the radio, we either flat-out didn't have enough time, or your answer just kind of sucked.

We don't have to sugar coat it, do we?


"Open a Waffle House" - Billy H.

"Use your damn signal" - Paul R.

"Play More Iron Maiden" - Matt Q.

"Lay off the booze" - Jordan M.

"Slow the eff down" - Michelle L.

"Stop killing each other" - Shayla W.

"Practice what you preach" - Felipe R.

"You're a crazy b***h" - Kris A. / Buckcherry

"Don't get raider rash" - Isreaux A.

"Wear the F***ING MASK!" - Marsha A.

"Don't burn lime scooters!" - Johnathan M.

"Shut it down please" - Jennifer C.

"Don't turn into Austin" - Derrick R.

"The Coronavirus is REAL" - Cristal S.

"Drive slow in SNOW" - Kristyn R.

"Negativity gets you nowhere" -Tara B.

"Try not to worry" - Victor M.

"Measure twice, cut once" - Robert O.

"Smoke grass, eat a**" - Lee M.

...and our personal favorite:

"Listen to The RockShow" - Cint J.

Overall, it's clear that most of you have a huge problem with Lubbock drivers and we are right there with you on that one. While I was working on this, Wes yelled from his office, "Drive now, text later!" Definitely a good one. Y'all keep your eyes on the road and radio tuned to 94.5 FMX.

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