Who the heck reviews a radio station online?

I really kind of wonder who reviews anything online. I do understand products being reviewed, but there are also reviews for things like the county jail. I guess every once in a while someone has to Google our radio station's address and they see that little "Review" prompt or tab and decide, "well, why not?"

What's amazing is that we were getting all 5-star reviews. My guess is that it was all prize winners looking up our address so they were very happy when they reviewed the station. Everything was good...until Mario came along.

So who is Mario? I don't know. He apparently isn't even from Lubbock. Everything else he's reviewed is in Central or East Texas. Now, let me say that Mario was very gracious and gave us four stars, even though he probably never heard the station and/or has nothing to compare it to. Still...Mario, you ruined a string of five-star reviews with your dang four-star review.

I kid. I'm sure someone with an axe or two to grind will (now) use Google reviews to drag us. I'm actually stunned that it hasn't happened already (that's why I put that 4.9 above because I don't expect it to last). Then again, some of you who have been rockin' with us for 41 years now might go star-crazy and load us up with more positives.

I have to say though, I doubt that anybody on this planet chooses a radio station by using Google reviews.

One more thing: thanks to the other 11 people for taking the time to give us some stars and some kind words.

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