The Red, White, and Blue Ball went from a badass Jackyl show to a full blown freak show circus act.

What started out as a loud and proud Jackyl show quickly turned into a Crown guzzlin' contest, a dominatrix with a huge black paddle and birthday cake being shredded by a chainsaw! I might be another year older, but I can still take a pull off of some Crown Royal, trust me! As for the dominatrix, I don't have a clue where she came from. She just appeared out of nowhere and went to wearing me out with some vicious blows on the ass! Oh, was just reminded by Woody that Jesse and me dropped our pants to see who had the prettiest ass as well!

My thanks to all of you who came out for the celebration, and to my buds in Sober By Sunday and 2 Days Forever! Tyler Travis, the owner of the new live-venue Wrecker's, you are the man and your new club is freaking awesome! Can't wait til next year! I hear that my buddy Woodson has video of everything so check back here in the next fews days for all of the "low-lights."  Now see how you cut cake with a chainsaw.

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