We're very inspired by the Lubbock Arts Festival and its theme for this year's event.

This year at the Lubbock Arts Festival it's all about the red, white and blue. It's about all of us putting everything aside and enjoying the beauty of the finest color palette anywhere. Sometimes we let nonsense get in the way of the fact that we're all in this together.

We have done FMX Flag Spot t-shirts before, in fact, I believe we did it three times. We had two different Flag Spot shirts and one shirt that was more a rectangular flag with a white FMX on a blue field with red, white and blue stripes. (Check out a nice collection of FMX tees in the gallery at the end of this story.)

The 44th Annual Lubbock Arts Festival will be April 9th and 10th at the Lubbock Civic Center and we wanted in on the fun. We talked to our incredibly talented friends at Advanced Graphix and told them what we were looking for and I believe they delivered BIG TIME.

This particular FMX Flag Spot t-shirt not only features America's colors, but also has a little nod to the Arts Festival built into the design with the dripping paint. I'll tell you how to get one after the graphic, but have a look at this bad boy and tell me you don't want one:


The RockShow will start using these as prizes beginning Monday, March 28th at 7:05 a.m. with The Morning Threesome. If you're like us and not smart, we'll also work in a straight-up call to win with Big Peter the Prize Goat each day in the 8 a.m. hour.

Good luck and get ready as we salute the Lubbock Arts Festival with the red, white & blue!

FMX Shirts 2

FMX Shirts 1

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