Wanna get a headache? Try describing the music of Clutch in just a word or two.

Singer Neil Fallon of Clutch performs onstage at Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre in July 2017.
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The Band

So what is "Clutch"? Where do they fall on the spectrum of rock? There is no clear answer. They're too rock to be metal, too metal to be rock, too funky to be...and so on and so on. The fact is, you're either a Clutch fan or you're not. Count us among the fans. We think that having Clutch among the 2024 concert lineup is going to make for a very cool year.

Image by shbs from Pixabay
Image by shbs from Pixabay


The Songs

We've played many a Clutch track here at FMX. Among our favorites are "Electric Worry", "1001110101" and our introduction to the band, "Careful With The Mic". We realize that we're just amateurs in the Clutch world too, with the band having released 13 studio albums and tons of live material, extended plays, and so on.


The Deets

Clutch with Blacktop Mojo & Native Howl

Tuesday, May 7th

The Garden

Tickets are available this weekend at Ralph's

(Keep scrolling to enter to win!)

J&B Productions
J&B Productions

The Hookup

We are proud to be working with J & B Productions for this show and as part of that partnership, we'll have some cool giveaways. We also have your shot at a four-pack of tickets that you can enter for right now. Go getcha some!

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