There was a time when a  lot of radio stations had a "mascot", usually an animal.

Here at FMX we had minor flirtations with three different mascots. The first was the Armadillos in the Breakfast Flakes logo. I actually think this was a pretty cool idea, with one problem; armadillos aren't really a thing around here. Still, I kinda looked cute as an armadillo (that's me on the right).

The next bullet we dodged, was, dang, I'm not even sure how it came about. One year our sales department in the 80's decided there should be an FMX Flamingo. Once again, what the hell does a flamingo have to do with FMX, Lubbock, rock, or whatever?

The last animal we were ever connected with were prairie dogs. There were some VERY popular FMX shirts that featured prairie dogs at the drive-in, but they were somehow listening to FMX (my memory may be faulting me here). All I remember is prairie dogs with headphones on.

Fortunately, all of these potential mascots failed, otherwise we'd have the bodies of college interns who fainted from being in those hot suits stacked up like cordwood.

This all got me to thinking though if we had a mascot, what would it be? I'm imagining a muppet that looks a little like Dimebag that we just call, "The FMX Rocker". Then again, we could also have "The FMX Purple Spot" and make him look a bit like the 7-Up Spots from back in the day.



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