Do you need a friend? How about a man-table? If so, one is available on a popular Lubbock Facebook page.

Abram Laureles offered himself up for $100 initially, but has now dropped his price to *Free*. This is a pretty good offer for what appears to be a perfectly working young man with all of his parts (at least the visible ones).

As you can see, the ad says "Free to good home. Do what you like with me. Hit me up."

So far, the only offer Abram received was to be taken home to be used as a moving target. I think there has to be a movie in there somewhere. I think the Hollywood pitch would be, "Man sells himself to hunters."

Abram is listed on the Lubbock Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page. So, who's going to hit him up? And is that sweet American Eagle t-shirt part of the deal?

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