It's OUR holiday, and a chance to get a fun tattoo for a great deal. Here are the specials that I've seen as per each shop's Facebook page:

  • Liquid Ink (6002 Slide RD, inside South Plains Mall)

Flash tattoos that we have for $20 so far! We are working on a $40 sheet as well! Also piercings will be anywhere from $10-$25 off!


  • Flamingo Ink (1913 19th street)

This Friday is the 13th. 20$ tattoos from our predrawn sheets. Tons to choose from. We will be opening at 1pm. First come first serve. As always bring cash and a good attitude.


  • Sunken City (4033 34th St)


Time : 1pm - 9pm

Place: Sunken City Ink 4035 34th(next to our old shop)

Who’s coming with you?!?! We are doing hole in the wall at Sunken City Ink, you do get a Friday the 13th themed tattoo BBUUTT you won’t know what you get till after you get it 😁😈. This is only for the make sure your ready!

*$25 per tattoo
*quater size only
*whatever fits can get ink
*All tattoos are covered when pulling out of the hole
*only Friday 13th themed tattoos


  • Stay True Tattoo (1111 Avenue J) will do specials on Saturday and Sunday due to an unforeseen tragedy:

To our valued customers:
As you may or may not know, we lost a beloved member of our family on Monday and we are all grieving the loss. Services for him will be held on Friday and while we truly value our customers, we all want the opportunity to go and pay our final respects to our family member.

It was a difficult decision, but we made the decision to be closed this Friday, July 13th.

Of course, this effects our Friday the 13th special. We have decided to have the Friday the 13th special on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th.

Online booking is now open for Saturday and Sunday. Simply choose “Friday the 13th tattoo” or “Friday the 13th piercing” to schedule your appointment.

Thank you all for understanding.
~Stay True Tattoo Staff

Here are some of the previous specials we've reported on, but be sure to call ahead on any of these not mentioned in this blog.

As always, I highly encourage you to be patient, prepared and tip your artist!

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