I'll freely admit that I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to books. I just love them- the vanilla smell of old book glue, or the sharp ink smell of a crisp new page. I love to hold them, feel the weight of the wild, hours long hallucination into a another world I get to take whenever I crack it open. Books are simply amazing.

One of the best local ways to acquire more wild adventures is to attend a Friends of the Library Book Sale, they happen a few times a year and the next one is December 7-8 in the basement of the Mahon Library (1306 9th St)- they accept cash, check and cards so pay however you like.

If you've never been to a sale, you'll be impressed by just how deeply organized everything is. This is due to 1000s of hours from dedicated volunteers sorting through donations from the community. I've found some great gifts and some real treasures at these sales, including my first English language printing of Marquis De Sade's Juliet. Spicy!

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