I recently sat down with my son, Gunner, or as I call him, G-Money, to ask him about the pros and cons of school and what he thinks should improve or stay the same. Check out what he had to say.

I asked him about the pros and, of course, right off the bat were the fact that schools are a great place to meet chicks. He's pumped about starting college, so this makes the utmost amount of sense. He also talked about how he actually enjoys learning the material, how it's actually nice to sit down in an environment and learn something you enjoy learning.

Now, the cons are pretty obvious, and I'm sure your kids have the same ones. He hates waking up early, that's easily the biggest one, he said. He also hates homework, but, still, homework isn't as bad as an early morning. Weird people and having to deal with douchebags pretty much rounded off his list of cons.

I hope your kids have an easy school year full of hot chicks, good grades, and no homework, and I hope you have a good year keeping your kids in line.