A Central Texas artist has made it his mission to draw every single day.

His muse? Texas mugshots.

His hilarious drawings have been going viral on Facebook the last couple of weeks, and it was time to show them off to you guys.

He goes by the name "IveLostMyMarbles" on Facebook, and told me that his mugshot drawings started as a way to remind his daughter who majors in Tech-Computer Science, to do something creative every day. He described "stumbling onto something no one else was doing - unattractive caricatures - or people on their worst day". He says, "You can't get these looks at amusement parks, fairs, or wedding receptions."

He's been creating the drawings since February and is really enjoying everyone online getting a kick out of them. "It's kind of ironic since I have a graphic design degree from Memphis College of Art. I made straight C's in all my drawing classes!" He also said he likes to do special features like "No Put Texas On Face", which specifically highlights people that have Texas tattoos on their face, and "Advertising Addicted", which goes after people with product logo tattoos. Too funny.

You can tell where the majority of the pictures are from by the acronyms he writes at the bottom of the drawings. MCLC is for Mclennan County, AUS is Austin, LUBB is Lubbock, RAND is Randall County, and HUTCH is Hutchison County. There are also a couple in this gallery from Florida and Chicago. I was going to omit them, but I think you'll get a kick out of them too...

Check out the hilarious gallery below!

[Gallery] Artist Creates Hilarious Caricatures From Texas Mugshots

Do you spot any of your pals?

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Did you see yourself or any of your friends? I hope not! If you'd like to follow this creative Texas artist, you can find him by clicking here.

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