A massive petition successfully convinced KFC to bring back an item that has been missing from the menu since 2014. The petition garnered more than 2,000 signatures, likely because we have all lost our minds and have nothing better to do than pester a fast-food chain into giving us what we want...but...

Hey, it worked!

The petition was posted on the website Change.org, and I'm sure dire situations such as these are exactly what the creators of Change.org had in mind when developing their site.

Local politics, climate change, homelessness...and lost KFC menu items.

Prepare yourselves, because now you can once again enjoy one of your childhood favorites, except this time, you'll be paying for it at the drive-thru window with cupholder change, and then eating it alone in the parking lot while you listen to that one really sad Adele song for the 26th time today, replaying the time your most recent ex told you your knees were ugly.

Are they that bad?

I'm proud to announce...something you've likely already read in the news...

*drum roll, please*

The KFC Chicken Twister Wrap is back, not only to Lubbock but nationwide.

That's right. Nationwide.


We did it. We are American heroes. We wanted change, and by golly, we went out and got it. High-fives all around! The Lord has truly blessed us with the power to move mountains, or at least, bully a KFC into putting something back on the menu that we could make at home for half the price.

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