It's not totally uncommon to see someone riding horseback down the streets of Lubbock, but is it actually legal? I'm not talking about special occasions, like a parade or some kind of big event. I mean, can you stroll down the road on a horse any time you want? Let's find out!

So, is it legal to ride horseback through the streets of Lubbock?

According to an article published by EverythingLubbock back in 2018, Lubbock Police are totally fine with you riding a horse through town. It's 100% legal, as long as you follow road rules in the same way a cyclist would. They did also remind everyone that when you ride them in big crowds, they could get spooked, so use your best judgment before taking your pony on a trip to the gas station.

We covered a funny video a while back of a Lubbock woman searching for a mysterious man riding around town on horseback that she totally had the hots for. Nothing like a good cowboy! The only concern people seemed to have about riding a horse through town was the safety of the horse's hooves. Apparently, concrete isn't great on horse hooves, especially if you are riding them really hard and fast like the man in the video.

In any case, yes, you can ride your horse around town in Lubbock. I think people should do it more often. When I lived up north, people really asked me if everyone rode horses to school and work in Texas. They were stunned to learn that we typically prefer cars.

Personally, I've got to have lots of extra space for the take-out bags and Coke cans to roll around. Horses just aren't good for messy people like me...

Ride away!

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