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We all know that first and foremost, you listen to the radio more than anything because you have excellent taste, like to keep it local, and are a lovely human being in general. But sometimes the radio doesn't quite scratch whatever musical itch you've got going, and that's when we turn to things like Youtube or Spotify.

It 'tis that season when your entire Facebook wall will be filled to the brim with your friend's music analytics. I checked mine with bated breath since I did go on a strange month-long binge of Erasure ABBA covers. Luckily for my self-esteem and image, Rammstein absolutely dominated my year along with my perennial favorite Nick Cave. Depeche Mode ranked right up there as well, as I am your friendly neighborhood Goth Girlfriend™. My top 5 consisted of Mein Herz brennt, Sonne, Deanna, I Feel Loved, and Deutschland. Yeah, so I kinda ended up in the top 4% of Rammstein listeners.

I will fess up to one favorite that would be embarrassing if I had the capacity to feel embarrassment: Ace of Base. I got that CD in the 5th grade and it's been my JAM ever since and if you have a problem with that you can... just walk away. I'm letting you gooooo.

I did check out 248 new artists. Not bad.

That is one thing I've found to be universally true among all DJs: we all have very broad musical tastes. We have a tendency to be extremely discerning about music, but also open enough to find music we like in every genre. Remember Heathen? He loves New Wave even more than I do. Wes adores soul music. I have to hear an industrial song at least once a day. But our home and our love will always be Rock, I mean, it was my #1 genre after all. Followed by Industrial, Europop and Classical.

No matter how weird or wild your playlist is, own that biz. Even if it's potentially embarrassing or silly, music is the best thing we have in this whole life. Enjoy it.

And if you happen to be a, gasp, podcast person- my top three were MBMBAM, Criminal and Oh Hello! the P'dcast.

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