Going gluten-free is no joke.

It is absolutely bewildering to discover how many seemingly "innocent" foods contain gluten, like soy sauce, imitation crab, certain candies, and even bouillon cubes. And so many more. You have to be incredibly vigilant.

However, the benefits can be astounding if you need to go gluten-free, or simply prefer it. Since going gluten-free, my husband's severe skin reactions have improved significantly. I don't have to be gluten-free, but I sure love seeing my bloat-free waistline in the mirror and my less-than-usually-happy-tummy has seen marked improvement.


Going gluten-free doesn't mean you have to stop going out to eat.

There are many gluten-free options in Lubbock. Just remember to always tell your server or the counter person so they can best accommodate you.

If you have Celiac disease or are very sensitive, you might want to call ahead to make sure the restaurant is capable of accommodating your needs. Always better safe than sorry when it comes to your health.

Here is my curated list of gluten-free favorites in Lubbock:

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