This was something I turned my nose up on for my whole life until I made one and it stuck.

The problem with New Years Resolutions is that people come out of the box BIG then when their resolution doesn't stick, they blow the whole concept off. I believe the secret is to set a small attainable goal and when you reach it, set your sites bigger.

Let's take the most mainstream goal of "I'm going to get into shape". The problem is, that "getting into shape" is a multilevel process that allows you to fail in multiple ways, which then gives you an excuse to just quit (after all, "getting in shape" means eating better, getting some cardio, getting your body toned, etc...)   What works for me is to break it down into something more manageable.  So instead of choosing that broad target, change it to something simple like, "I'm going to work out for fifteen minutes three times a week".  See there? Instead of a huge lifestyle change, you've committed yourself to 45 minutes of change per week.

If you set yourself an attainable goal and reach it, it will make you realize that so many other goals are within your reach. Look into yourself, set a goal and good luck in 2020!

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